A conservative street artist put a giant Al Franken reaching toward a woman on an LA billboard

Courtesy of Unsavoury Agents
  • Conservative street artist Sabo altered a Los Angeles billboard on Thursday to show Senator Al Franken reaching toward a woman.
  • Sabo told Business Insider that he altered the billboard in response to Franken’s “refusing to step down” following multiple sexual misconduct allegations.
  • Franken was accused by a fifth and sixth woman of sexual misconduct on Thursday.

A large image of Senator Al Franken reaching for a woman appeared on a Los Angeles billboard Thursday, as The Hollywood Reporter first noted.

It turns out the billboard is the work of a conservative street artist named Sabo, who told Business Insider in an email that he altered the billboard for the upcoming film “The Greatest Showman” in response to Franken’s “refusing to step down” following numerous sexual misconduct allegations against the Minnesota senator.

“The hypocrisy is staggering,” he wrote.

Franken billboardCourtesy of Unsavoury Agents

Franken was accused of sexual misconduct by two more woman on Thursday, one an Army veteran and the other a former New England elected official, both of whom said Franken inappropriately touched them. Six women in total have now accused Franken of sexual misconduct.

Franken has refused to resign his Senate seat but has repeatedly apologised to the women who have felt disrespected by his behaviour and promised to “cooperate completely” with any investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee into his past behaviour.

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