Aisha Tyler On Deutsche Bank's Styrofoam Cups And Why She Dumpster Dives

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Last night we spoke to actress Aisha Taylor about how Wall Street firms should be more responsible about recycling.(We were at an event celebrating the new recyling machines PepsiCo and Waste Management are going to plant all over city streets and in Rite-Aids.)

Aisha Tyler co-hosted Talk Soup, is on CSI, Reno! 911, and Archer.

She’s been recylcling her whole life and she has a message for Deutsche Bank about their use of styrofoam cofffee cups: that’s irresponsible.

Read more in the following interview.


Business Insider: How many times a day do you say you recycle?

Aisha Tyler: I don’t ever not recycle. And when I see people not recycling, I reach in there and take it out again. It’s like money! You’re throwing away money in the garbage! In the Bay Area [of California], you know, you can recycle; they have a municipal composting program, so you can pretty much throw anything away. You compost bones, pizza boxes – yeah, bones.

BI: What should firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley do to make sure they’re being green-friendly?

AT: The first thing I’ll say is… I worked at two different corporations. The amount of paper we threw away every day was so wasteful. And you think about it but basically, we’re just throwing the company’s money in the trash. Have a system where you don’t print emails unless absolutely necessary. Stop buying bottled drinks.

BI: You’re going to hate this. There are firms that during the recession, I think it was Deutsche Bank, they switched from paper cups to styrofoam cups because it was cheaper.

AT: You know, that’s irresponsible. I mean to me it’s basic. It’s like your friend is running into a wall, you have to say “Stop running into the wall.” It’s easier to take the corner at high speed. No styrofoam; we’ve got to stop using plastic. I was somewhere the other day doing a radio interview and I would ask for coffee and someone just brought it to me without thinking and I said “Did you go back in a time machine to get this? Who uses styrofoam?

Last question, if you had to make one stock pick to invest in, what would it be?

AT: Wow. Waste Management and PepsiCo! I would buy EBV [the veteran’s initiative] if they were publicly traded, you know, the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans. It’s interesting, I’m a pretty conservative investor. I tend to buy broad funds. I have a couple of green funds. They don’t get HUGE earnings but they don’t go down either!

Careful, though. Remember Pepsi’s re-branding disaster?

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