Airtime Has 400 Daily Users

sean parkerSean Parker

Photo: LeWEB12 / flickr

Sean Parker’s video chat startup Airtime only has 400 daily active users, Jenna Wortham at The New York Times reports.Wortham’s numbers come from AppData, which tracks users via Facebook Connect. In order to use Airtime, you have to be logged in to Facebook, so the numbers should be fairly accurate.

Parker wouldn’t provide specifics to Wortham, only suggesting it was off. We’ve heard grumbling from startups that AppData can be off by as much as a factor of four. Giving Airtime the benefit of the doubt, that would mean it might have 1,600 daily users.

Regardless of whether its 400 users as AppData says, or 1,600, it’s a massive disappointment for the four-month old startup that has $33.5 million in funding.

Parker is a billionaire and Silicon Valley legend. He made his money as president of Facebook when it was first starting. He also helped Spotify mature, and he was co-founder of Napster.

While Airtime is struggling, we wouldn’t count it out just yet. It’s got a lot of money in bank and Parker seems motivated to prove he can be successful. Unlike Bill Nguyen, whose similarly overhyped and overfunded startup colour just flopped, Parker isn’t checking out. He’s still involved.

In July, Parker complained about entrepreneurs becoming VCs instead of building new companies. Earlier this month, Parker also called this era the most ‘toxic’ time in Silicon Valley because people just want to build something small and sell out to Facebook or another big company.

He could just be bluffing, but it sounds like he wants to build Airtime into a viable company.

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