Airtasker almost lost its largest job poster when someone threw a bunch of pamphlets in a bin

Airtasker founders Tim and Jono.

We’ve all heard of it happening, letter-box droppers telling a client all those pamphlets destined for mailboxes have been delivered, when in fact they’ve been pitched out in the bin.

It’s something which almost tore down one of Australia’s startup darlings, Airtasker, a platform that matches flexible workers with odd jobs.

CEO Tim Fung said he almost lost one of his largest job posters on the site in its early days, when the client found out pamphlets had been pitched o in the trash instead of people’s letter boxes.

He told the AFR he spent Christmas Eve taking photos of brochures in letterboxes to make sure he’d get paid.

It was a lesson Fung says drove the decision to refocus the startup to put customer satisfaction ahead of acquiring and running big jobs.

“It’s hard to pull the pin on something, even when it’s not working,” he said.

“We had been pretty disciplined with our cash, but we were running out of money quickly and we needed to face the facts, pull out of the big jobs and take a big dip in performance.”

It was a gamble which, for now, has paid off. Airtasker has raised $8.5 million to date and now has 300,000 active users, 30 employees, and processes $20 million worth of jobs each year.

There’s more here.

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