Watch an airstrike knock out an ISIS tank near the terror group’s capital city

While the US-led coalition continues its air campaign against ISIS targets in northern Iraq, the terrorist group’s units in neighbouring Syria have also been hit by airstrikes.

In the footage below, an August 30 airstrike conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve knocks out a ISIS tank inside a building near Al Raqqa, the group’s capital and most important city in Syria.

The campaign against ISIS in Syria has been characterised by deadly confusion in recent weeks, as a cease-fire brokered by the US and Russia and declared on September 12 appeared more unsteady this week after an airstrike hit a UN aid convoy, killing as many as 20 on Monday and leading the UN to suspend aid deliveries.

The Syrian regime declared the cease-fire over on Monday, though the US said it was prepared to continue working on it with Russia.

The US has blamed the airstrike on the convoy, which came amid other strikes in and around Aleppo by the Syrian regime, on Syrian government or Russian forces.

The Russian military said Syrian strikes on Aleppo came in response to an offensive against government positions southwest of the city.

The Russian government also said on Wednesday that neither Russian nor Syrian forces had struck the convoy, and that the destruction of the convoy’s vehicles was “the direct consequence of the cargo catching fire.”

A US official said the attack on the UN convoy “raises very serious questions about whether the Russians can deliver their end of the arrangement” to rein in the Syrian regime.

The US-led coalition also admitted this week that its airstrikes over the weekend had killed 62 Syrian regime troops in eastern Syria. On Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry called for all aircraft over key humanitarian routes in the war-torn country to be grounded so aid could flow to Syrian civilians.

See the full video of the August 30 airstrike below:

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