One of my favourite new Apple accessories is this $30 leather case for my AirPods

Dave Smith/Business Insider
  • I’ve been playing around with a handful of new Apple accessories from Twelve South, the company that exclusively makes accessories for Apple products.
  • One of my favourite accessories surprised me, because I thought it was something I wouldn’t need: a case for my AirPods.
  • But the AirSnap for AirPods case, which costs $US30 from Twelve South, surprised me with how nice and useful it actually is.

Apple products are excellent, but they’re not always perfect. That’s where accessories come in: Cases, chargers, and stands can make the experience of owning an Apple product feel more complete.

And when it comes down to choosing Apple accessories, Twelve South is one of the best in the business.

The Charleston, South Carolina company has been making Apple accessories exclusively since 2009, and many of their products feel like Apple products in their own right: From their delicate but easy-to-disassemble packaging, to the way the accessories fit Apple products perfectly, it really feels like Twelve South goes above and beyond to approximate Apple’s quality for its relatively affordable third-party accessories.

Twelve South recently sent me a handful of new accessories to try out, but one of my favourites actually surprised me, since I was initially sceptical that I would like it, or use it, at all.

The $US30 AirSnap for AirPods is a beautiful leather case for your AirPods. It actually fits around your tiny white AirPods case: Just pack it in, snap it shut, and you’re ready to go.

Twelve South

I was surprised by how cute the case was. The soft light-brown leather highlighted by black buttons was more fashionable in person than I thought it would be based on the box.

Twelve South

Once I got past its looks, though, I understood how useful it was.

Twelve South

I take my AirPods with me almost everywhere I go. Before I leave the house, I think to myself “keys, wallet, phone, AirPods,” just to make sure I have everything. But before owning this case, I would sometimes forget to take my AirPods with me — the AirSnap solved that.

Twelve South

The AirSnap for AirPods includes a metal clip that can attach to your bag, bike, or pants. By attaching the AirSnap case to my keychain, I’ll never leave the house without my AirPods again, since I can’t leave the apartment without my keys.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

There’s another added benefit: The AirPods case, by itself, is <i>very</i> slippery. Before AirSnap, the AirPods case would often out of my pocket when I was sitting down, like at a restaurant or in a cab. But with the AirSnap case, the AirPods don’t slide out of my pocket at all, and stay firmly attached to the rest of my keys.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

AirSnap also features a tiny cut-out at the bottom of the case, so you can charge your AirPods while the case is still on. It’s a nice little touch that means you never need to remove your AirPods from the AirSnap case unless you want to.

Twelve South

AirSnap has sold me as a useful AirPods accessory, and it’s also given me a deeper appreciation for the work Twelve South does in designing Apple accessories.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

The AirSnap for AirPods case is excellent design, through and through. From the warm look of the light-brown leather, to the satisfying way the button snaps into place to secure your AirPods, to the way the case can be worn at all times, even while your AirPods are charging, makes it truly useful. By also making the AirPods case less slippery, AirSnap adds value to your AirPods in a subtle way I couldn’t have predicted, and it makes me really appreciate the work put in by Twelve South.

You might have scoffed at the idea of a case for your AirPods, since AirPods already have a case – I know I did. But I’ve been really impressed with the AirSnap accessory since using it, and I think most AirPods owners would be, too.

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