Man Builds A Bomb With Materials Anyone Can Buy Inside An Airport Terminal

A potential hijacker doesn’t need to try sneaking a gun or knife on board an aeroplane, since an independent security researcher has just built a bomb using nothing but things that can be picked up at terminal gift shops.

Evan Booth — who runs the website Terminal Cornucopia — built an improvised fragmentation grenade from little more than a coffee mug, battery, some water, and body spray that can be purchased after a TSA security check.

In a video posted to Youtube, Booth constructs the bomb — which he calls the “Fragguccino” — to prove this can be a legitimate security threat. He claims he has already reported his findings to the TSA on his website.

Using a stainless steel coffee mug as the explosive housing, he fills up a condom with water. Inside the mug is also Axe body spray and a AA battery. When he demonstrates the device, the condom breaks and apparently shorts out the battery, generating enough heat to ignite the body spray and blow up the mug, according to Gizmodo.

While the explosion is fairly small, it could be potentially devastating on an aeroplane travelling at 30,000 feet, and the entire construction process takes him less than 10 minutes.

Here’s the video:

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