An artist pranked people by leaving life-sized Airpods stickers on the ground all over San Francisco

Pablo Rochat
  • San Francisco artist Pablo Rochat carried out a prank this weekend that involved leaving decoy AppleAirpods all over the city.
  • Rochat printed out high-resolution, life-size Airpods stickers and attached them to the ground. Then he waited for strangers to try to pick them up.
  • Twitter users reacted with awe at the “pure evil” genius of Rochat’s prank.
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An artist carried out a prank this weekend that was seemingly designed to make Apple fans’ blood pressure spike.

Pablo Rochat, a San Francisco-based artist, printed out dozens of life-sized stickers designed to look like Airpods and stuck them to the ground all over the city.

The prank was primarily intended to catch people’s attention and cause them to do a double-take, Rochat told Business Insider.

“Most people found it funny, but a few people were pissed that they got pranked,” Rochat said.

Take a look at what Rochat’s prank looked like in action:

Rochat made the stickers himself by printing high-resolution images of Airpods and cutting them out.

Pablo Rochat

The “2D Airpods” stickers are meant to inspire a knee-jerk reaction when people first notice them.

Pablo Rochat

After Rochat shared the prank on Twitter, people responded with shock and respect at the “pure evil” ingenuity of the prank.

Pablo Rochat

“It was fun to watch people walk by the stickers, do a double take, and occasionally bend over to try to pick the AirPods up,” Rochat said.

Pablo Rochat

Rochat has published a sheet with life-sized Airpods that people can print out to recreate the prank.

Pablo Rochat

You can find 2D Airpod printouts for both first-generation Airpods and Airpods Pro on Rochat’s website.

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