STUDY: aeroplanes That Don’t Crash Prove Most Popular With Summer travellers

As the travel industry gears up for the busy 2011 summer travel season, a recent study should provide airlines with insight into what vacationers are looking for in a flight.

When asked, “What’s your favourite type of flight?” more than 60 per cent of travellers answered, “One that doesn’t crash.”

The second most popular answer was, “Flights that almost crash but don’t, leading me to get on TV.” “I’d be willing to take a harrowing flight if it meant getting on Fox and Friends,” one respondent said.

aeroplanes that crash but the causalities are all other people was the third most popular answer. This option did lead to some confusion amongst respondents though.

“If someone else gets maimed and I don’t, will I still get to talk to Anderson Cooper or will he only want to speak with injured folk?” another person asked. “If so, I’ll take a broken bone or something. He cute. But only if the interview is in person. I ain’t breaking no bone to talk to him over Skype.”

Rounding out the list was flights that crash, killing all flyers in a burning inferno that resembles the layer of hell reserved for Osama bin Laden, Jeffrey Dahmer and my freshman history teacher who gave me a D, citing poor research methods. This type of flight was favoured by fewer than 0.5 per cent of respondents.

The survey was conducted May 16–23, 2011. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 20 per cent.

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