There Is A Very Good Reason Why aeroplanes Still Have Ashtrays

aeroplane Lavatory

Photo: Daquella Manera via flickr

If you’ve flown anytime in the last 30 or so years, you’ll know that the first announcement flight attendants make—after telling you how to buckle a simple seatbelt—is that smoking is prohibited on all flights.But if you go in the lavatory, there are still ashtrays.

According to Gizmodo, FAA regulations require all planes to have ashtrays onboard.

So why would they still be needed?

Well, it seems that in the 1970s, a plane crash that killed well over 100 people was attributed to a cigarette that was not put in an ashtray.

Even though smoking is banned on planes and there are hefty fines if you actually light up, the craving for nicotine is still very strong for some people. So strong that they’ll risk it all and light up on a plane.

So, to avoid a disaster, the FAA is still putting ashtrays in aeroplanes just in case some renegade smoker feels the need to get his nicotine fix at 35,000 feet.

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