The aeroplane Of The Future Will Have Transparent Walls And Virtual A Golf Course


Photo: Airbus

What will air travel be like four decades from now?Pretty awesome, if Airbus has its way. The plane manufacturer has just unveiled renderings of its concept cabin for 2050, which includes morphing seats, transparent walls, and even a virtual golf game.

The cabin of the future is also environmentally friendly, according to Airbus. It will be 100% recyclable, have self-cleaning materials made from plant fibres, and will use passenger’s body heat to power cabin features, the company said.

The concept cabin is the newest part of the company’s “Future by Airbus” initiative. Last year it revealed a design for a concept plane packed with technologies to reduce fuel burn, emissions, waste and noise.

In 2050, planes will have a bionic structure that mimics bird bones, Airbus says

The cabin walls can become transparent to give passengers panoramic views

Here's the virtual golf green

A view of the night sky through the jet's walls

Morphing seats will harvest passengers' body heat to power aircraft systems

Moodlights illuminate the plane at night

A rendering of the interior

Hand activation will be used throughout the cabin

Take a video tour of the plane of the future

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