Airman Gives Up Paycheck To Protest Shutdown, Encourages Others To Do The Same

One Air Force tech sergeant is voluntarily giving up his paycheck in protest of the government shutdown. Congress approved pay for active duty troops but not for Defence Department civilians–impacting 400,000 families.

The airman, who asked that his name not be disclosed, told Barbara Starr of CNN, “I am very frustrated with the government shutdown, and its impact on the very people we are fighting for, and more specifically, our most vulnerable Americans. I was equally as frustrated to see Congress choose to fund my paycheck while my brothers and sisters go without. I don’t want it.”

He started a website to encourage other military members to donate their paychecks as well–and they have. On the site you can see the name and rank of military personnel contributing to this effort.

The donated money will go to the nation’s largest food bank network charity Feeding America–serving 37 million people each year. His goal is to raise $US50,000.

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