RANKED: Here's Which Airlines Are Most Likely To Be Delayed The Day Before Thanksgiving

Travelling at Thanksgiving is often frustrating, and 2013 is poised to be especially terrible, with awful weather all along the East Coast.

Using Bureau of Transportation Statistics data, we ranked 15 of the largest U.S. airlines by how many of their day-before-Thanksgiving flights arrived late over the years 2008-2012, as a per cent of all flights by each carrier. We also include the average delays for those late flights.

#1. JetBlue

Per cent late: 22.1%

Average delay: 54 minutes

#2. SkyWest

Per cent late: 18.5%

Average delay: 59 minutes

#3. American Eagle

Per cent late: 18.4%

Average delay: 66 minutes

#4. ExpressJet

Per cent late: 17.9%

Average delay: 59 minutes

#5. Southwest Airlines

Per cent late: 17.0%

Average delay: 57 minutes

#6. AirTran

Per cent late: 16.5%

Average delay: 45 minutes

#7. Alaska Airlines

Per cent late: 16.5%

Average delay: 56 minutes

#8. US Airways

Per cent late: 14.9%

Average delay: 39 minutes

#9. Delta Air Lines

Per cent late: 14.7%

Average delay: 42 minutes

#10. Virgin America*

Per cent late: 14.2%

Average delay: 32 minutes

#11. American Airlines

Per cent late: 14.2%

Average delay: 51 minutes

#12. Frontier Airlines

Per cent late: 14.1%

Average delay: 45 minutes

#13. Mesa Airlines

Per cent late: 12.9%

Average delay: 49 minutes

#14. United Airlines

Per cent late: 11.6%

Average delay: 49 minutes

#15. Hawaiian Airlines

Per cent late: 7.6%

Average delay: 91 minutes**

*BTS data only available for 2012.

** 2012 was a crazy outlier for Hawaiian — only 9 out of 200 flights were late, but the average delay among those 9 flights was about five hours. For the other four years, the average delay was about 39 minutes.

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