Airlines Stocks Are Taking Off As The Oil Price Crashes

If you hold airline stocks, you’re probably jumping for joy.

Plummeting global oil prices are producing a welcome perk for airlines stock prices, with all the global leading firms on a positive path.

The growth has been consistent in the last few weeks, as shown by the graphic below, but most stocks received a real boost after OPEC ruled it will not cut production in the near future.

Air China leads the way, but many other airlines are having a good time.

Cost of fuel is one of the main operating costs for airlines, and with Brent crude currently trading at less than $US73 a barrel, it’s happy days at airline HQs.

Here are the stock prices of a few airline companies, as you can see the trend is common to quality airlines (Lufthansa) as well as low-cost (easyJet) and from Australia to the US.

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