Check Out The Glitzy Roman Bathhouse That Just Opened In Downtown Manhattan

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We all need an escape from the city every now and then, but flying off to the Amalfi Coast or the Dead Sea isn’t a fiscally responsible way to get some rest and relaxation.Spain-based spa operator Aire Ancient Baths has transported its business to TriBeCa’s Franklin Street, offering New Yorkers a truly unique way to unwind in a thermal bath.

The company offers two hours packages in its propeller-jet baths, steam room, salt water pool, thermal sessions, and relaxation rooms. There’s also massage rooms to complete the spa experience. You’ll feel like a Roman emperor at the end of your stay.

The basic rate for just a thermal bath is $75 for two hours, but add in a 60-minute, four-handed massage and the price hikes to $210. There are also red wine rituals, keral, cava, and olive oil rituals that run around the $500 mark.

Welcome to 88 Franklin St.

The building was a former textile factory, and most recently an upscale furniture gallery.

Upon arriving, all guests receive a wristband that notes the type of treatment they are receiving. It's also a locker key.

The lobby instantly transports you out of the city.

Everything is candle-lit.

There are some nice fixtures in the lobby reminiscent of ancient times.

Upon acquiring the space, Aire stripped the walls of the concrete to expose the brick and found the columns that naturally existed in the building.

The wooden tables and benches are made of beams from the original Triborough bridge.

The chandeliers are encased in bird cages.

The ambiance continues into the locker rooms, where you change to prepare for the baths.

In your locker, there are robes and slippers for your stay.

There are showers to rinse off once you're done.

Once you've changed, head down to the bath area.

The moment you walk in, it feels like a sauna.

Put your head back, and just float in the salt water bath.

There is a warm water pool set at 97 degrees and a hot-water pool set at 102.

We loved the light fixtures above the pool.

The cold-water pool is set at 61 degrees, and the ice pool is at 46 degrees.

The warm water pool is very inviting.

While inside, a bathing suit or bikini must be worn. And long hair must be pulled back, though no bathing cap is required.

If after a dip in the cold-water pool you feel chilly, sit on the heated thermal rock.

There are two massage rooms, each with four tables.

And the bathing area is mixed between females and males.

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