Take A Virtual Tour Of Airbus' Crazily Futuristic Concept Plane

airbus concept plane

Photo: Airbus

A few months ago, we looked at the practical ways Airbus is planning to change the future of flight. On top of imagining how to transform airports, the self-described “future-gazing Airbus” has come up with the plane of the future, and it is pretty wild.The plane is nothing like what transports passengers today. On top of being more reliable, quiet, and fuel-efficient than current aircraft, it will have seats grown from plant fibres that harvest energy. Passengers can play golf and tennis on board, or have a virtual business meeting.

Of course, the concept relies on technologies that have not been invented, and is unlikely ever to be built. But, as Airbus notes, it is a useful thought experiment that pushes aviation engineers to think outside the box and radically advance the air travel of the future.

Unless we develop flying cars, Airbus says, planes will be the most efficient mode of travel in the future.

The plane can shift shape as conditions change.

The fuselage is curved to improve aerodynamics and allow for a more innovative cabin.

No more first, business, and economy classes: The plane is divided into zones for relaxing, playing games, and business.

Carry-on luggage is 'swallowed' when passengers step onto the plane.

Windows in the plane's bottom will revolutionise sightseeing.

Forget tiny windows: The plane offers panoramic views.

Made from a biopolymer membrane, the cabin can be adjusted to let in different amounts of light.

The seats are organically grown from plant fibres.

They can rotate to enjoy the sunshine.

Each has a large entertainment zone.

They collect body heat from passengers to power the cabin.

They are self-cleaning, and morph to provide the perfect fit.

When the sun goes down, the seats recline.

'Sound showers' lull passengers to sleep.

The interaction zone offers individually tailored experiences.

Passengers can play virtual sports.

Or have a business meeting, connecting with colleagues on the ground.

Personal spaces can also change functions.

The setting morphs, thanks to holographic projections.

It can be a bedroom, or a shopping mall.

Or, the plane could be filled with individual pods that continue their journey by rail or road upon landing.

Now for some past technology that's in use today.

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