Airbus Reveals The Swanky Cabin In Its New Jetliner

Airbus has finally released photos of the interior of its new jetliner, and it looks pretty swanky.

The A350 XWB has been in the works for about a decade and represents the latest effort to improve passenger comfort, aerodynamics, and fuel efficiency. It’s one of the first commercial jets to be made primarily of composite materials instead of metal, and it promises “comfort without compromise.”

Economy class will feature rows of nine seats, with each seat measuring 18 inches wide. Here’s a rendering:

Airbus is offering a new generation of in-flight entertainment options. The electronics that back up the screens are set up so they don’t take up space under the seat, leaving for passengers’ feet.

Business class looks like a nice place to spend a few hours:

With LED lighting, airlines can choose from 16.7 million colour options.

Airbus said it would offer airlines the choice of using a new lightweight seat from Recaro:

Here’s the A350:

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