This Video Tries To Convince New York's New Mayor That Airbnb Is Totally Legit

There’s a new Mayor coming to town, and Airbnb wants to get things started on the right foot by making nice with Bill de Blasio.

They may succeed.

The video below is a warm congratulations and a brief explanation of how Airbnb helps New York City’s economy, and it’s well done and easy to digest.

The people in the video invite de Blasio and his friends and family to stay with them during the inauguration and anytime after.

Airbnb is the peer-to-peer home rental startup that allows you to rent out your apartment or house through their platform.

It ran into some roadblocks in the last year when New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed Airbnb user data as part of an investigation into the website stemming from a 2010 law that makes it illegal to use to rent out your own apartment in New York City.

Here’s the video:

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