Airbnb Wants To Make A Movie Made Entirely Out Of 6-Second Vines

Airbnb is teaming up with San Francisco-based ad agency Mullen to do something that has never been done before: It wants to make a movie entirely out of 6-second Vines.

Brands have been utilising the short video-making tool in various creative ways — from making personalised, moving baseball cards to revealing helpful life-hacks — but they usually exist only in their 6-second form.

This project, called “Hollywood and Vines,” would crowdsource travel-related videos and sew them together. Airbnb will tweet out shot instructions between August 22 and 27, and users can submit their videos on Vine with related hashtags.

One shot instruction is: “#AirbnbHV #S2
A paper aeroplane flies thru an urban area. It barely misses people on busy streets. No faces please!”

Airbnb will give $US100 discounts to people who made Vines that get edited into the short film, which will play on the Sundance Channel.

A Canadian film made its movie posters out of the public’s Instagram photos and Instagrammers have made luxury car commercials in the past, but Airbnb’s Vine endeavour takes crowdsourcing to the next level.

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