These are the world's top 20 trending destinations, according to Airbnb -- and you've never heard of most

Shutterstock/Kirill MakarovThese destinations are all off the beaten trail.

Earlier this month, the travel-rental company Airbnb analysed its 2017 and upcoming 2018 booking data to reveal its forecasts for next year’s hot-spot destinations.

Airbnb compiled a list of places where bookings have doubled, tripled, or more from the first half of 2017 to the first half of 2018.

While some destinations like Hanoi, Vietnam, and the Greek island of Mykonos have long been vacation favourites, other places, like the small Brazilian beach town of Matinhos, will be new to even the most seasoned of travellers.

Take a look below at the top destinations to visit next year.

20. Located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Mazatlán is known for its fine beaches and its Centro Historico.

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Booking increase: 169%

19. Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands to visit in the Aegean Sea, with breathtaking sunsets, pebble beaches, and loud dance clubs.

Booking increase: 173%

18. Not far from vacation hot spots like Dubrovnik, the Croatian capital of Zagreb, and its bustling medieval old town, is becoming a hot place to visit.

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Booking increase: 175%

17. Originally a mining town, Fernie, Canada, has become one of the best places to ski in the Canadian Rockies.

Booking increase: 179%

16. A few hours from Buenos Aires, Argentina, lies Mar Del Plata, a popular beach town to visit from December to March.


Booking increase: 181%

15. Dunedin, the second-largest city in New Zealand, is home to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, which accounts for 75% of the country’s chocolate production.

Booking increase: 185%

14. Oita is known as Japan’s onsen, or hot springs, capital.


Booking increase: 190%

13. Known as the city of lakes, Minneapolis has 22 lakes within its city limits.

Booking increase: 193%

12. Guarapari, Brazil, is a popular alternative to the often crowded beaches of Rio de Janiero.

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Booking increase: 205%

11. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has become a tourist hot spot in the UK for its rich Welsh history and numerous festivals.

Booking increase: 206%

10. Matinhos in Brazil is another small beach town renowned for its natural beauty.

Booking increase: 209%

9. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a bustling city with a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, and French cultures.

Booking increase: 212%

8. Located in Spain’s Basque country, Bilbao is home to the architecturally stunning Guggenheim Museum.


Booking increase: 234%

7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus, has a fascinating mix of Turkish and Greek history and culture that dates back thousands of years.

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Booking increase: 234%

6. Columbus, Ohio, is a hub of college sports, state fairs, and festivals.

Booking increase: 254%

5. For those looking to get off the beaten path, Da Nang, Vietnam, has become a popular place for visiting beaches and ancient cities.

Booking increase: 255%

4. While Indianapolis may be best known for the Indianapolis 500 NASCAR race held in May, the month leading up to it is filled with festivals.

Booking increase: 256%

3. Edmonton, Canada, is home to North America’s largest mall and is known for its year-round calendar of festivals.

Booking increase: 284%

2. Bournemouth, United Kingdom, is known for its Victorian architecture and beautiful coastline full of resorts.

Booking increase: 353%

1. It is unsurprising that interest in Gangneung, South Korea, has spiked, as the city is hosting several events in the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Booking increase: 2,175%

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