Remote workers looking for a getaway can soon rely on Airbnb to tell them whether a listing has sluggish Wi-Fi

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working from her van. Jasmine Wilson

Airbnb has a new tool that allows hosts to test their Wi-Fi connection in real time and add it to their listing pages.

Over the past year, people who can stay digitally-connected to work during the coronavirus pandemic have booked Airbnb getaways. With a growing number of people wanting to opt for remote work setups, a stable internet connection has become a necessity.

The Wi-Fi testing tool, announced Thursday, allows hosts to measure their Wi-Fi speed in-app through M-Lab, a third-party Wi-Fi testing software service, and directly upload those results to any future listing for the property.

Airbnb wifi test

According to the tool’s guidelines, the most accurate Wi-Fi readings will reflect tests done in areas on the property easily accessible to Airbnb bookers while not streaming data.

“We suggest that they go to different spots in their listing and suggest they test multiple times,” said Tim Rathschmidt, a spokesperson for Airbnb, about ensuring the accuracy of their readings. “On the back end, we also take a look at the internet information of that listing specifically and make sure it matches with that test, from a location perspective,” he added.

Hosts have previously been able to test their Wi-Fi independently and then input their speeds manually, but they have mainly been able to do so at their own discretion.

The new feature is rolling out in the US and will be rolled out globally.

The update comes alongside a feature where if hosts add their network information to a guest’s arrival guide, Airbnb bookers can connect to the internet right away without having to input a password, Airbnb told Insider.

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