Airbnb is reportedly creating a fancier service for people who prefer hotels

Wilton Castle airbnb irelandAirbnbA better class of Airbnb.

Airbnb might be a cheaper way to see amazing places, but it can still be a lot of hassle compared to a hotel.

You have to check in with your host within a certain timeframe, sometimes they don’t provide towels, and maybe the place you’re staying just isn’t quite up to scratch.

Airbnb is reportedly trying to solve that problem with a soon-to-launch premium service nicknamed “Select”.

The company’s going to trial the service with hosts this week, according to Bloomberg, and it could launch by the end of 2017.

This new tier of Airbnb is targeted at wealthier travellers who are fussier about things like working hairdryers and nice sheets.

Airbnb is planning to vet hosts who get consistently good reviews as part of its trial, and will look for things like matching bedsheets, nice towels, and having a selection of tea and coffee available.

The company has apparently started selecting hosts already, with a site notification reading: “Congrats! Your reviews for high consistent quality have qualified you for a special pilot program.”

What’s in it for hosts?

A better class of guest presumably and, according to Bloomberg, access to a professional photographer to snap their home and free perks like a consultation with an interior decorator.

An Airbnb spokeswoman didn’t deny the new service, telling Business Insider: “We’re continually experimenting with new ways to create meaningful experiences on Airbnb. I don’t have any more to share on the new things we’re test driving but we have a few exciting projects in the works.”

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