Airbnb Has A New Logo And Everyone Is Talking About How Sexual It Is


After a cryptic announcement last week, today Airbnb officially revealed a new logo to a small crowd of dedicated Airbnb power users, but it didn’t take long for the entire internet to weigh in on the new design.

It’s a symbol anyone can create, whether drawn on a mirror or etched in the sand,” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said, Fast Company reports. Chesky added the company looked to famous logos around the world for inspiration, from the Olympic rings to the Batman symbol.

Twitter, however, thinks the new logo resembles a different shape.

Airbnb anticipated people would have their own opinions of how the logo should look. The San Francisco-based startup is also promising to launch a tool that allows users to customise the unfortunate-looking A. Airbnb released mockups of the logo representing the four Wold Cup semifinalists.


“Most brands would send you a cease-and-desist letter if you tried to re-create their brand,” Chesky says. “We wanted to do the opposite.”

Once the customised logos start rolling in, we’ll see if Airbnb and Chesky will still want to keep their word.