Airbnb Is Declared Illegal In New York City

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An administrative law judge has found Airbnb to be illegal in New York City, reports Fast Company.

Airbnb, the site that lets you rent out your apartment or house like a bed-and-breakfast, violates the New York City hotel law that prevents you from renting out your property for more than 29 days.

The law was originally put in place as a means to stop landlords from running illegal hotels from their property.

Those of you running your black market Airbnb housing operations in the city right now, don’t panic just yet – this law is only actionable as a secondary offence. For example, if the police show up after a noise complaint and then find you renting your place out for more than 29 days at a time, only then are you in extra trouble.

Would-slumlords better run a tight ship. At the time of this writing there are over 1,000 places available in New York City through Airbnb.

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