Airbnb User: The Company Tried To Get Me To Shut Up About How My Apartment Got Ransacked

Airbnb founders

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Two days ago we relayed the terrible Airbnb horror story of a user of the service, EJ, who had her apartment vandalised and robbed by renters.This morning she wrote a followup post that says that when Airbnb heard of her predicament, they first tried to get her to not talk about it. 

Note that while it’s impossible not to sympathize with the kind of ordeal EJ describes, no one has independently verified anything that she alleges.

She writes that Airbnb support waited a day to get back to her after she first wrote them, and that while they were very supportive at first, after she blogged her story “all these kind and supportive people just… disappeared.”

Except when one of the co-founders of Airbnb called her–to tell her that her blog post could hurt his company’s growth and round of funding. 

Ugh. If this is true, this is pretty horrible.

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