Airbnb Is Testing Out A New Cleaning Service For Some Hosts In San Francisco

Brian Chesky of Airbnb IllustrationMike Nudelman/Business InsiderBrian Chesky, CEO at Airbnb

Online home and apartment sharing startup Airbnb is starting to test its low-cost cleaning service for some of its hosts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The services are “affordable, easy to schedule, and can be tailored to include am entities such as linen service and gift baskets,” according to an email Airbnb sent out to some of its hosts.

“We’re always testing ways to make the experience on Airbnb better. This is a test we’re looking at in one market,” an Airbnb spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Here’s the email Airbnb sent out to some of its hosts:

“Hi [XXXX],

We’re excited to invite you to try a new cleaning service we’re piloting for a select group of Airbnb hosts! Airbnb Cleaning is affordable, easy to schedule, and can be tailored to include amenities such as linen service and gift baskets, too. Pricing starts at $US55 for a 3 hour cleaning.

We built this service to address what Airbnb guests care about most (things like odours, stray hairs, and refrigerators!). We also worked with hosts like you to understand how to cater to personal hosting styles and home setup preferences. We’ll save your preferences and set up your space exactly the way you want it every time.

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If you have any questions, simply reply to this e-mail and we’ll answer it promptly.

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