30% Of Passengers Leave Their Gadgets On During Takeoffs And Landings

PortorikanThe Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t allow you to keep your phone and other gadgets on during takeoffs and landings, but people are doing it anyway.

In the last year, 30% of airline passengers left their gadgets on during takeoff or landing, according to a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Airline Passenger Experience Association.

We first saw the news over on The New York Times

Of the passengers who said they left their devices on, 61% of them said it was a smartphone. 

“Airline passengers have come to rely on their smartphones, tablets and e-Readers as essential travel companions,” Doug Johnson, vice president of technology policy at CEA, said in a press release. “Understanding the attitudes and behaviours of passengers that are using electronic devices while travelling will help the FAA make informed decisions.”

Earlier this year, reports surfaced suggesting that the F.A.A. has plans to let passengers use tablets and other reading devices during the beginning and end of their flights. But the use of mobile phones would still be off limits. 

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