Watch How Particles In The Air Swirl Around The Globe

Every second of every day the air around you is full of particles. We only really notice these when they stream infront of a light beam through an open window, but they are always there, and they can even travel the world.

These particles include dust, smoke, soot, and even sea salt, according to F*ckYeahFluidDynamics. These particles help form rain and snow in the atmosphere. These air flows can also transport bacteria across continents.

The data used in this model come from August 2006 through April 2007. From the NASAexplore YouTube commentary:

Through mathematical experiments, modelers can move Earth forward or backward in time to create a dynamic portrait of the planet. NASA Goddard’s Global modelling and Assimilation Office recently ran a simulation of the atmosphere that captured how winds whip aerosols around the world. Such simulations allow scientists to better understand how these tiny particulates travel in the atmosphere and influence weather and climate.