Air New Zealand's Hobbit Safety Drill Update Is Here - And It's Amazing

Picture: Air New Zealand/WETA

Two years ago, Air New Zealand gave its on-board flight safety video a Hobbit-inspired overhaul, with hilarious results.

Now the sequel has dropped, just in time for the lead-up to the third Hobbit instalment to hit cinemas around Christmas.

This time around, passengers are transported off the plane and into Middle Earth, where Sylvester McCoy, Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson themselves deliver all the important tips on how to survive a midair disaster.

The highlights are many. The orc wearing an oxygen in proper style:

Picture: Air New Zealand/WETA

A wizard who may or may not be Gandalf demonstrating his preferred brace position:

Picture: Air New Zealand/WETA

This sweet Middle Earth inspired tablet:

Picture: Air New Zealand/WETA

And finally, Peter Jackson himself, just to make sure you’re still watching:

Picture: Air New Zealand/WETA

Which is likely, because all of it is superb. Here it is in full:

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