Air Freight Growth Is Slowing Significantly, But Passengers Are Finally Getting Back On Planes

Just in time for holiday shopping season, air freight shipments are slowing, severely.

The year-over-year increase is still great, at 14.8%. But month-over-month, things are slowing down.

Freight traffic declined 2.1% from August to September, according to the International Air Transport Association (via MJ Perry).

From MJ Perry’s Carpe Diem, click through for a bigger version:


Photo: MJ Perry

But, there is some obvious good news on this chart as well. Passenger travel growth has now advance beyond pre-recession levels. The year-over-year increase in 10.5%, and month over month is 2.1%.

The big winner: Middle Eastern airlines, which saw a 23.9% increase over 2009 (think Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad).

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