This Military Video Scandal Shows Airmen Bludgeoning A Sheep To Death

From LiveLeak

10 days after we posted this video alleging Army soldiers would be facing some tough questions, Leon Shane III at Stars and Stripes reports the Pentagon believes the troops are actually from the Air Force.Shane reported then that PETA complained to the Army about the video in late November, and though they petitioned the service for an investigation, they’d yet to receive any response.

Today’s announcement from Army investigators says the men in uniform appear to be airmen in Afghanistan, not wearing the standard Army uniform.

From Stars and Stripes:

Air Force officials said they have not identified anyone involved with the sheep beating video, but said they will investigate the matter fully. In a statement, Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Andy Roake said the actions in the video “are contrary to the high standards we expect of every airman, and run counter to the Air Force’s core values.”

The video has been posted on LiveLeak since November, and it’s truly appalling.