Check Out The Funny Hats AIG's Fire Wardens Have To Wear

AIG lives in one of the oldest buildings in New York, a building they very much hope to keep around for many more years to come for many reasons, but mainly because AIG is an insurer.

If the world’s biggest, most troubled insurer burned down it would actually be a cruel twist of ironicly fitting fate, but it would be terrible.

Luckily, AIG is well guarded against a fire because they not only have a fantastic sprinkler system and regular fire drills but they also have Fire Wardens.

AIG’s fire wardens are in charge of knowing AIG’s Fire Safety Emergency Action Plan (FS/EAP) and because they have such an important job, they get hats. No vests, but they get these dorky, red hats that just happen to be the perfect size to place numbers inside for gambling purposes.

It’s good to know AIG takes fire safety so seriously. Imagine if they had to buy a new building AND to repay TARP AND to come to the government for help after they just got in trouble with Feinberg for paying their execs too much. Hats to the rescue!

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