AIG Warns Employees: Don't Go Outside During The Protest

So, you know that that protest that is starting at Goldman Sachs and then marching around the financial district? It really has AIG shaken up. Our friends at DealBreaker have obtained a memo in which AIG warns employees to batten down the hatches, close the blinds and bar the door.

Can’t say we blame them, what with Senators calling for suicide and a public that regards AIG as a threat to human civilisation.

Here’s the memo:


As a result of the continued media attention directed toward AIG, there is a planned demonstration in Lower Manhattan scheduled for this afternoon (3/19/09). Specifically, we have learned that a group of demonstrators are scheduled to form in front of 85 Broad Street (Goldman Sachs) and following a brief demonstration move in the direction of 70 Pine Street. Given the uncertainty as to travel route, duration and planned activities we are suggesting that a degree of flexibility be built into your afternoon routine as the demonstration may coincide with end of the day departures. These events are generally peaceful and Corporate Security in cooperation with the NYC Police Department will be taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety. Additional information will provided as it becomes available which may include specific instructions with regard to departures from the building during the demonstration. The below suggestions are being provided for your consideration prior to, during, and following the demonstrations:

– Avoid leaving the building during the protest unless it is necessary

– If you must leave the facility, attempt to avoid the immediate area of the protesters. Based on the size and disposition of the protest, Corporate Security may rereoute personnel to other exits to include over the bridge to 72 Wall

– If confronted with a demonstration outside, do not engage the protesters

– Avoid displaying company issued ID card outside of the office space

– Avoid using bags, apparel, etc that displays the company logo

– If you are on a lower floor, close the blinds/shades to windows

– If you feel that you are in immediate danger or harm, call 911 immediately

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