AIG Is Throwing Its Holiday Party In January To Avoid Offending Anyone

While other banks are having low-key parties or cancelling Christmas altogether (Goldman), AIG is holding out until next month to decide what to do.

AIG apparently waits until January to avoid any appearance of favouring one religion over another inside the company.

Many AIGers celebrate Hannukah, not Christmas. In an effort not to exclude anyone from the celebrations, they hold off until January, an AIG insider told us.

Last time around, AIG cancelled their holiday party. They might cancel this year’s too. But in better years, a delayed holiday party was business as usual for AIG.

In January 2008, the CFO held a huge party above the Bodies exhibit on Fulton and Front street.

Sometimes companies (not AIG) push their parties until January to avoid press. Nice try.

(Photo credit: English Rose Hotels)

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