AIG Execs May Dodge Oversight Hearing

Connecticut State Senator Bob Duff issued subpoenas to 14 AIG employees, requiring them to attend a hearing in the state Capitol. Now AIG is saying that security issues and death threats, as well as concern of ground rules for questioning, may cause some employees to avoid the hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Duff and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal are threatening to take the employees to court to force them to appear, according to the Connecticut Post.  .

“We continue to talk to members of the Connecticut Legislature and Attorney General’s Office about the best way to provide information about the retention bonuses that allows for a thoughtful discussion of this issue and removes the overheated emotion that has swirled around it and resulted in our employees being subjected to death threats, hate mail and harassment,” Mark Herr, spokesman for AIG, said in a statement yesterday.

An agreement with AIG over the subpoenas could be announced today. We expect that the news that 15 of the 20 top recipients of the bonuses have given them back may take away the urgency for the hearing.

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