AIG Boardmembers Already Freaking Out About Their New CEO

robert benmosche AIG

When your company already has a horrible public image, maybe starting your new job by picking a fight with Andrew Cuomo and bragging about the effect your bathroom has on the ladies isn’t the best way to start your first few weeks on the job.

Alas, AIG (AIG) boardmembers are already freaking out about Richard Benmosche’s first few weeks on the job.

WSJ: After uttering a string of incendiary remarks, the new CEO of American International Group Inc. may face harsh words from board members concerned that his tough talk has gone too far.

Certain members of AIG’s board, which put Robert Benmosche into the chief executive’s role in August, have been taken aback by his comments at employee meetings, say people familiar with the matter. Mr. Benmosche said New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo “doesn’t deserve to be in government” and that Mr. Benmosche would leave dealing with “all those crazies down in Washington” to the company’s chairman, according to an account by Bloomberg News that was confirmed by Mr. Benmosche.

That being said, this might be the end of the story. Benmosche has already backtracked a bit, and employees apparently have liked the fresh, nervy talk. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Benmosche lay low for a bit.

Meanwhile we think this might be one of the most ridiculously unnecessary (but highly amusing) infographics we’ve ever seen. Read the rest at WSJ >

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