This is the clock that Texas officials thought was Ahmed Mohamed’s ‘hoax bomb’

Mohamed ahmed clock

This is the clock that Texas officials thought was Ahmed Mohamed’s “hoax bomb.”

The 14-year-old was arrested, fingerprinted, and photographed for mugshots on Monday after police thought this home-made clock was a “hoax bomb,” according to the Dallas Morning News. The Irving Police Department provided Tech Insider with the photo above.

Politicians like President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, and scientists have expressed support for Ahmed, who was suspended from school for three days.

The Irving Police Department has dropped the case, but many have criticised the school and police department, saying that racism and Islamophobia played a role in his arrest and suspension. A hashtag on social media — “#IStandWithAhmed” — is being used to collect outcry and support.

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