Ahmadinejad Survives Refinery Explosion And Possible Assassination Attempt

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There was an explosion at an Iran’s largest oil refinery during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.At least two people died and 12 were injured in the explosion.

Although officials blamed the explosion on a gas leak or “a technical fault” and explicitly denied an act of sabotage, it is rumoured that this was an assassination attempt.

Geopolitical tabloid DEBKA claims to have confirmed the sabotage:

According to debkafile’s Iranian sources, the explosion was triggered by his pushing the button to activate it that same unit, which must have been tested and run in before the inauguration ceremony to avoid any technical hitches.

A news conference was quickly staged live on state TV showing him answering questions about the Abadan refinery -apparently to put a stop to spreading rumours that he had been assassinated. He did not refer to the explosion.

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