50 of the most colourful photos taken in 2019

Asad Khalid Sungkar/AGORA Images‘Four kids,’ photographed by Asad Khalid Sungkar.

Agora, a free photography app, has rounded up the most colourful photos taken in 2019.

Photographers from around the world submitted their work to Agora as part of the #Colorful2019 contest, and 50 finalists were chosen in August. In September, a photographer named Thijs Peters took home the $US1,000 prize for his image of rainbow-coloured rooftops, entitled “Malang.”

From vibrant landscapes to colourful architecture, here’s a look at this year’s finalists.

“Beautiful Colour” by Khin Zaw Aung

Khin Zaw Aung/AGORA Images‘Beautiful Colour,’ photographed by Khin Zaw Aung.

Aung’s photo was taken in Yangon, Myanmar. It shows a person clad in yellow clothes sitting atop green, purple, and pink straw, which they were seemingly using to make something.

“Cleaning day” by David Carbonell

David Carbonell/AGORA Images‘Cleaning day,’ photographed by David Carbonell.

While in Bali, Indonesia, Carbonell captured women cleaning multicoloured seat cushions inside a dam.

“Powder cones” by Josu Ozkaritz Astigarraga

Josu Ozkaritz Astigarraga/AGORA Images‘Powder cones,’ photographed by Josu Ozkaritz Astigarraga.

Astigarraga’s nominated image shows vibrant powder arranged in swirled cones. He took the shot in Mysore, India.

“Rainbow Estate” by Konrad Paruch

Konrad Paruch/AGORA Images‘Rainbow Estate,’ photographed by Konrad Paruch.

Paruch sent a drone nearly 13 feet in the air to capture this shot of a building in Hong Kong.

“Colourful apartment” by Adie B Sis

Adie B Sis/AGORA Images‘Colourful apartment,’ photographed by Adie B Sis.

The subjects of Sis’ photo were attending summer camp in Semarang City, Indonesia, when the award-nominated shot was taken.

“Colourful Building” by Stavros Michos

Stavros Michos/AGORA Images‘Colourful Building,’ photographed by Stavros Michos.

Michos took this image – which shows orange architecture and a white-and-blue sky – in Berlin, Germany.

“Colourful fishing” by Debasish Chakraborty

Debasish Chakraborty/AGORA Images‘Colourful fishing,’ photographed by Debasish Chakraborty.

In India, Chakraborty captured a man wearing a wide-brimmed hat as he dyed fishing nets with vibrant hues of purple, yellow, pink, green, and orange.

“Colourful insect” by Arief Azharie

Arief Azharie/AGORA Images‘Colourful insect,’ photographed by Arief Azharie.

Azharie’s close-up photo shows a brightly-coloured bug as it’s perched on a spiky plant.

“Colourful round nets fish farms” by Zayyarlin

Zayyarlin/AGORA Images‘Colourful round nets fish farms,’ photographed by Zayyarlin.

Pastel fishing nets are the subject of Zayyarlin’s photo, which was taken in China.

“Colourful runway between incense sticks” by Hai Nguyen

Hai Nguyen/AGORA Images‘Colourful runway between incense sticks,’ photographed by Hai Nguyen.

Nguyen found these red-and-orange bunches of incense sticks while in Vietnam.

“Colourful sunrise” by Naing Tun Win Bagan

Naing Tun Win Bagan/AGORA Images‘Colourful sunrise,’ photographed by Naing Tun Win Bagan.

Bagan captured this blue-and-orange landscape in Myanmar during sunrise.

“Colourful unicorn” by Dharma Kurniawan

Dharma Kurniawan/AGORA Images‘Colourful unicorn,’ photographed by Dharma Kurniawan.

Kurniawan’s photo – which was taken in Jakarta, Indonesia – was one of the only nominated images taken at night.

“Colours of life” by Pranab Basak

Pranab Basak/AGORA Images‘Colours of life,’ photographed by Pranab Basak.

Basak found this woman in Kolkata, India, and photographed her as she leaned against a magenta-coloured wall.

“Colours on the floor” by Nodar Chernishev

Nodar Chernishev/AGORA Images‘Colours on the floor,’ photographed by Nodar Chernishev.

Chernishev’s image, which shows a child’s feet next to a broken lollipop, was taken in New York City.

“Colours” by Bekir Yesiltas

Bekir Yesiltas/AGORA Images‘Colours,’ photographed by Bekir Yesiltas.

While in Istanbul, Turkey, Yesiltas captured a woman waving a sheet outside the window of a colourful building.

“CONFORMISM” by Julien

Julien/AGORA Images‘CONFORMISM,’ photographed by Julien.

The residential area seen in Julien’s photo is located in the south of France.

“Dream houses on water” by Rockson

Rockson/AGORA Images‘Dream houses on water,’ photographed by Rockson.

Rockson’s nominated photo shows a strip of pastel-hued buildings alongside water that’s reflecting the sky.

“Enjoying a beautiful sunrise” by Hugo Healy

Hugo Healy/AGORA Images‘Enjoying a beautiful sunrise,’ photographed by Hugo Healy.

Healy visited bright blue hot springs in Saturnia, Italy, to capture his nominated shot.

“Face painting” by Sujit Saha

Sujit Saha/AGORA Images‘Face painting,’ photographed by Sujit Saha.

Saha’s photo shows a young girl getting her face painted to look like the deity Krishna. The image was taken in a rural village of West Bengal, India.

“Fishing” by Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon/AGORA Images‘Fishing,’ photographed by Michael Gordon.

The subjects of Gordon’s photo were fishing in Cesarea, Israel, as the sun went down.

“Floating market” by Kyaw Swar Myint

Kyaw Swar Myint/AGORA Images‘Floating market,’ photographed by Kyaw Swar Myint.

In Myanmar, Myint captured people sitting on vibrant boats that were covered in food.

“Fruits” by Phyo Moe

Phyo Moe/AGORA Images‘Fruits,’ photographed by Phyo Moe.

Though it might look like a painting upon first glance, this image is actually a photograph of real exotic fruit.

“Four kids” by Asad Khalid Sungkar

Asad Khalid Sungkar/AGORA Images‘Four kids,’ photographed by Asad Khalid Sungkar.

Sungkar’s photo shows five children riding bikes through an Indonesian field covered in tie-dyed cloths.

“Glass and light” by Martina Birnbaum

Martina Birnbaum/AGORA Images‘Glass and light,’ photographed by Martina Birnbaum.

Birnbaum used a prism to create her award-nominated photograph.

“Grandmother and umbrella” by Micky Demsy

Micky Demsy/AGORA Images‘Grandmother and umbrella,’ photographed by Micky Demsy.

In Central Java, Indonesia, Demsy photographed a woman as she crafted a multicoloured umbrella.

“Hide and seek” by Sabina Akter

Sabina Akter/AGORA Images‘Hide and seek,’ photographed by Sabina Akter.

Akter captured a woman standing behind an orange curtain in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The wall surrounding the subject was also vibrant and covered in paintings of flowers and doves.

“KANGKILO Tradition” by Sahlan Kokasinta

Sahlan Kokasinta/AGORA Images‘KANGKILO Tradition,’ photographed by Sahlan Kokasinta.

Kokasinta captured this shot, which shows children dressed in traditional attire, while in the Katukobari Village of Indonesia.

“Kayaking” by Gilad Topaz

Gilad Topaz/AGORA Images‘Kayaking,’ photographed by Gilad Topaz.

This nominated image shows multicoloured kayaks lined up along a pastel shore. Topaz seemingly captured this image from above.

“Laughing On The Ferris Wheel” by Heather McHenry Wilson

Heather McHenry Wilson/AGORA Images‘Laughing On The Ferris Wheel,’ photographed by Heather McHenry Wilson.

Wilson photographed her two sons while they rode a brightly-lit Ferris wheel at night.

“Lost in paradise” by Alvaro Valiente Herrero

Alvaro Valiente Herrero/AGORA Images‘Lost in paradise,’ photographed by Alvaro Valiente Herrero.

Herrero took this shot while in the Philippines to showcase the vivid blue and green shades of the area.

“Making umbrellas” by Adoración Gomez

Adoración Gomez/AGORA Images‘Making umbrellas,’ photographed by Adoración Gomez.

The Bo Sang village in Thailand is known for its colourful umbrellas. Gomez visited the area and photographed a woman as she crafted one by hand.

“Malang” by Thijs Peters

Thijs Peters/AGORA Images‘Malang,’ photographed by Thijs Peters.

Peters photographed this rainbow-coloured area of Malang, Indonesia, and ended up winning Agora’s #Colorful2019 contest as a result.

Though the photo shows a vibrant residential area, the location previously looked standard and was considered a slum by the local government. Once officials tried to relocate those living there, some repainted their homes to attract tourists – and it worked.

“Over the top” by Andrea Stillone

Andrea Stillone/AGORA Images‘Over the top,’ photographed by Andrea Stillone.

Stillone’s photo was taken in Milan, Italy, seemingly from way above the ground.

“Purple salvia” by Jevgenijs Scolokovs

Jevgenijs Scolokovs/AGORA Images‘Purple salvia,’ photographed by Jevgenijs Scolokovs.

Scolokovs captured this purple plant in Latvia.

“Rainbow Face” by José A. del Caño Rodríguez

José A. del Caño Rodríguez/AGORA Images‘Rainbow Face,’ photographed by José A. del Caño Rodríguez.

While at a festival in Valladolid, Spain, Rodríguez photographed this close-up shot of a person’s painted face.

“Red Eye Frog” by Hendy Lie

Hendy Lie/AGORA Images‘Red Eye Frog,’ photographed by Hendy Lie.

Lie found this frog perched on two branches while in Indonesia.

“Strike a colourful pose” by Albert Chime

Albert Chime/AGORA Images‘Strike a colourful pose,’ photographed by Albert Chime.

Chime spotted a man carrying multicoloured chairs on the back of his bicycle and then photographed the scene. He captured the shot in Accra, Ghana.

“Tulip fields at full bloom” by Henry Do

Henry Do/AGORA Images‘Tulip fields at full bloom,’ photographed by Henry Do.

This two-toned image shows a woman standing in a tulip field in The Netherlands.

“Umbrellas expedition” by Wibowo Rahardjo

Wibowo Rahardjo/AGORA Images‘Umbrellas expedition,’ photographed by Wibowo Rahardjo.

Rahardjo visited Indonesia’s Umbrella Festival and captured two people standing amongst a colourful display of handmade pieces.

“What goes around, comes around!” by Leonardo Rodriguez

Leonardo Rodriguez/AGORA Images‘What goes around, comes around!’ photographed by Leonardo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez spotted this rainbow-coloured Ferris wheel in Tibidabo, Barcelona.

“Without women, there are no colours in life” by Engr Hsn

Engr Hsn/AGORA Images‘Without women, there are no colours in life,’ photographed by Engr Hsn.

Taken at the Nasirul Mulk Mosque in Iran, Hsn’s photo shows a woman sitting in a building filled with stained-glass windows.

“A man from Papua” by Theo Widharto

Theo Widharto/AGORA Images‘A man from Papua,’ photographed by Theo Widharto.

Widharto found his photo subject – who was wearing yellow attire and a rainbow headpiece – during an art festival in Bali.

“Colourful boat” by Ksenia Zaiets

Ksenia Zaiets/AGORA Images‘Colourful boat,’ photographed by Ksenia Zaiets.

As this cargo ship floated through Portugal, Zaiets seemingly photographed it from above.

“Bajo Child and Tuna Tail Display” by Rustam Awat

Rustam Awat/AGORA Images‘Bajo Child and Tuna Tail Display,’ photographed by Rustam Awat.

On the left, a boy and a bird are situated next to a window. Towards the right, brightly-painted tuna tails are displayed on the building’s exterior. Awat photographed this scene in Indonesia.

“Boating” by Khánh Phan

Khánh Phan/AGORA Images‘Boating,’ photographed by Khánh Phan.

Phan found this sea filled with boats in Vietnam.

“Blue Peacock” by Samuel Almeida

Samuel Almeida/AGORA Images‘Blue Peacock,’ photographed by Samuel Almeida.

While taking a walk in Parque Pedra da Cebolla, Brazil, Almeida stumbled upon a vibrant peacock. He then photographed the creature in front of a bright yellow background.

“HDB Cool” by Noemi

Noemi/AGORA Images‘HDB Cool,’ photographed by Noemi.

This colourful building is actually a public-housing unit in Singapore.

“Colour Full” by Zawzawkaungsan355

Zawzawkaungsan355/AGORA Images‘Colour Full,’ photographed by Zawzawkaungsan355.

This nominated photo was taken in Mandalay, Myanmar. It shows two adults and a child working with colourful cloth.

“Bee eater” by Thomas Gassner

Thomas Gassner/AGORA Images‘Bee eater,’ photographed by Thomas Gassner.

Gassner was in the right place at the right time. He captured two blue-and-yellow birds perfectly perched on a branch in Serbia.

“The girl” by Ye Kyaw Thu

Ye Kyaw Thu/AGORA Images‘The girl,’ photographed by Ye Kyaw Thu.

Thu’s portrait, which was taken in Myanmar, shows a girl standing alongside other people, all of which are dressed in traditional clothes.

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