How To Meet Real People With Twitter And Foursquare: Use Agora

pierre valade agoraAgora Founder Pierre Valade

Photo: Pierre Valade

Agora is a cool app that helps you meet people in the real world thanks to your Foursquare check-ins and Twitter account.Here’s how it works: when you check-in somewhere, the app looks for people who are checked-in with you and then uses your Twitter accounts to see if you have interests in common. If you do, it sends you a tweet so you can hook up and chat!

It can definitely be useful for professional networking (especially at conferences, although perhaps at a huge conference it could get noisy), and maybe even dating. And since it works through Twitter, the people you meet don’t need to have the app for it to work, so it’s more useful and spreads faster.

Founder Pierre Valade, who’s French but built the app during the Foursquare Hackathon in New York in February, tells us the app broke 1,500 users this week and is growing 25% week over week. 1,500 might not sound like a lot, but the growth is there and, after all, Twitter had almost 10 times less users three months after getting started.

Besides being a neat, fast-growing app, Agora is also interesting because a big part of Foursquare’s plan to become king of the red-hot location-based social networking space is to become a platform that other people can build apps and eventually companies on. Agora seems like a good early example.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley certainly seems to like it:

agora app

Photo: Twitter

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