AGENCY BOSS: Facebook Ads Are 'Some Of The Worst Performing Ad Units On The Web'

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It’s not just General Motors that thinks Facebook ads are waste.The CEO at the agency that does Web ads for Samsung, Welch’s, and Klondike says Facebook ads are, “fundamentally some of the worst performing ad units on the Web.”

John Coleman, CEO of The VIA Agency (named small agency of the year by AdAge), says that Facebook’s “platform” – the free stuff, like brand pages – is an “integral” part of his clients’ marketing campaigns.

In fact, he says his agency spends lots of money driving traffic to clients’ Facebook brand pages – just not with Facebook.

“We use other forms of advertising to drive people to Facebook – other digital. We’ve done it on Facebook as well, but as GM would attest, the click rates aren’t as strong.”

Coleman says his clients do not plan to increase or decrease their Facebook ad spending over the next few quarters.

“We’ll use Facebook for apps and other engagement but we’re using other [paid] media to drive that.”

Facebook, he says, “is a powerful marketing platform, maybe not an advertising platform.”

The problem with Facebook ads, Coleman says, is that “when people socializing, which is what Facebook provides, they aren’t in a mode of being upon to having intrusive advertising be a part of it.”

“If you were talking on the phone with someone, you wouldn’t want it to be interrupted with an ad.”

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