People are going nuts over this classic game franchise getting revived by Microsoft

It’s been over a decade since the world last saw an entry in the revered “Age of Empires” game franchise. The studio that created the series was disbanded, its principal leaders scattered across the game industry.

In 2017, Microsoft is bringing the series back — and fans are very excited.

Age of Empires 4

A new teaser trailer for “Age of Empires IV” was revealed earlier this week. The game itself isn’t shown, and little information is provided about what to expect, but it’s got fans going bananas regardless.

The trailer — which features no gameplay, and offers little indication of what to expect from the game — has already garnered nearly 4 million views on YouTube in two days.

Part of the positive reaction is coming from news of who’s in charge of the game: “Age of Empires IV” is being made by Relic Entertainment, a studio that’s highly-regarded in the “real-time strategy” gaming genre. Rather than controlling a single player character, in real-time strategy games you’re in charge of whole groups. In an “Age of Empires” game, that could mean managing a city-state, or a nation, or a whole empire.

Little is known about the new “Age of Empires” beyond a vague release window — 2018 — and a platform (Windows 10). Check out the first teaser of “Age of Empires IV” right here:

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