These are the best deals still available for Afterpay Day 2021, including Dyson, Samsung and eBay

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  • Afterpay Day is a huge online shopping event that promises huge savings across a massive range of brands and products.
  • Afterpay Day 2021 starts on Thursday March 18 and runs until Sunday March 21.
  • Some of the participating brands and retailers include Samsung, Dyson and Bing Lee.
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After a quiet start to 2021, the first big online shopping event of the year has arrived. The first Afterpay Day took place in 2017, as a way to celebrate the brand reaching one million customers. Since then, the shopping event has become an annual staple for online sales, with over a thousand brands taking part in 2021.

This year’s Afterpay Day is to be no different, with massive savings across a huge range of brands and products, including fashion, homewares and tech.

Afterpay Day 2021 will begin on Thursday March 18, and run until Sunday March 21. However, some retailers and brands may start or finish their sales outside of this window.

We’ve collected the best Afterpay Day sales across a range of products and brands below.

The best Afterpay Day 2021 deals

Best Afterpay Day 2021 deals for tech

The best Afterpay Day 2021 deals for homewares

The best Afterpay Day 2021 deals for fashion, activewear and beauty

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