After visiting Melbourne for the F1, Arnold Schwarzenegger is riding around the city on a bicycle

If you’re the sort of motorist who likes to give cyclists a bit of grief, then you’d better watch out driving around Melbourne today, or you might be terminated.

Actor and former California governor Arnold Scharzenegger took to pedal power to get around the city having visited for the Formula One Grand Prix over the weekend.

The Terminator posted his own selfie on Instagram, but plenty of other startled people spotted and snapped Arnie as he cycled around town.

Showing how tough he really is, Schwarzenegger wasn’t wearing a helmet, as required under Victorian law, but if he did get busted, we suspect the $146 fine wouldn’t be an issue.

Loved to see all these healthy and fit kids when I was riding around Melbourne today!

A photo posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on

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