Leighton's CEO Got Stuck In Malaysia -- In The Current Crisis, 12 Hours Offline Is Too Long

Photo: Getty Images/Chris Hondros

Leighton CEO Hamish Tyrwhitt could not leave Malaysia after the news of the bribe scandal broke, as it would keep him out of contact for 12 hours.

According to the AFR’s Rear Window column Tyrwhitt was in that country for a charity cycling event which he was forced to pull out of so he could deal with the fall out.

Tyrwhitt told the AFR he could not afford to be on a plane for 12 hours without a phone. According to the report he was due back in Australia yesterday.

Last week Fairfax Media ran articles alleging widespread bribery and corporate malpractice as the iconic construction company.

They linked longtime CEO Wal King to the bribes, claiming he was aware they were paid in countries such as Iraq to secure construction deals.

Leighton has said it takes the claims seriously, but that they were already known to the Australian Federal Police.

Steps have been taken to strengthen its corporate governance, the company said.

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