Here's The Real Reason News Corp Wants An Hispanic Channel

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News Corp., the parent company of Fox, recently announced the launch of MundoFOX, a new Spanish language channel.One potential reason for the move: Hispanics hardly watch mainstream broadcast TV.

Here’s a breakdown of Hispanic viewers who tune in to hit shows currently airing on television (via The New York Times):  

  • “Two and a Half Men” on CBS – 611,000 out of 14.6 million.
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC – 583,000 out of 10.9 million.
  • “Glee” on Fox – 518,000 out of 8.7 million.
  • “NCIS” on CBS – 509,000 out of 19.1 million.

Even Sofia Vergara, “the most recognisable Hispanic actress on English-language television,” according to The Times,, can’t boost ratings for ABC’s hit show, “Modern Family.” Despite drawing in a total of 12.9 million viewers, only an average of 798,000 were Hispanic, The Times says.

Meanwhile Univision’s “La Que No Podía Amar” (roughly translated as “One Who Could Not Love”) amasses 5.2 million viewers, The New York Times states.

The problem, according to Zubi Advertising chief Joe Zubizarreta, is that “the general market taste will find humour in the idiosyncrasies of Hispanics. But as Hispanics, when we watch general market television, we’d like to see some semblance of reality to our lives.” 

Take the show “Rob,” for example. Starring actor Rob Schneider, the show followed Schneider’s life after his marriage into a Mexican family. CBS wanted “Rob” to be a “cross-cultural hit” – the Hispanic version of “The Cosby Show.” But it was filled with jokes about siestas and illegal immigration.

‘”Rob’ was a big running joke among our community,” said Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of “Latino Rebels,” a Latino news and culture site. “It just felt lazy, stale and I think that mainstream television was missing the boat.”

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