After a bad day of backdowns, Christopher Pyne gave a really awkward interview and called himself 'a fixer'

GIF: Luke Hopewell.

Education minister Christopher Pyne was on Sky News yesterday, talking about his decision to separate the $150 million for science funding from the rest of the government’s education reforms.

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Speaking with David Speers, Pyne went to great – and awkward – lengths to make sure everybody know he had “fixed” the problem.

“I’ve dealt with it,” he says.

“I fixed it.

“I’m a fixer.

“I’ve fixed it by funding it in another way…”

Speers wanted to know how. Pyne’s not telling.

“I want it to be a surprise for you,” the minister says, laughing

Today Pyne announced a proposed 20% cut to university funding will be separated from the key plank of his tertiary education reforms. Read more about that here.

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