After A $250 Million Cut To The ABC, Christopher Pyne Calls Closure Of Adelaide TV Production 'Political Vandalism'

Christopher Pyne. Photo: Getty

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has taken a leaf out of the Left’s protest movement, launching an online petition against the closure of the ABC’s Adelaide TV production facility in the wake of news that the national broadcaster’s budget will be cut by 5%.

Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the level of the cuts on Q and A on Monday night, while Media Watch outlined how the ABC would deal with the loss of $250 million over five years, citing the closure of the Adelaide TV production facility as one of the likely options.

That spurred the Sturt MP to action, with Pyne taking to Twitter to call for people to sign his petition against the closure of facility, which made Poh’s Kitchen and the Maggie Beer recipe show, The Cook and The Chef.

The reaction from many was far from favourable. Many asked if he was joking, especially after his leader had promised before the election that there would be no cuts to the ABC and SBS.

A spokesman for the minister then told AAP: “If the ABC confirms the speculation on Media Watch it will be a clear act of political vandalism by the ABC in Sydney.”

On Monday, Malcolm Turnbull argued that he’d “gone to the considerable pains to ensure that the ABC is well able to deliver these savings without cutting into the resources available for programming”.

The Communications Minister is also on record as saying: “The ABC may choose to cut programming rather than tackle back office and administrative costs – but that’s the ABC’s call.”

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