After 100 Million Downloads, 'Cut The Rope' Lands On Google Chrome

cut the rope

Photo: Screenshot

Cut The Rope, one of the most popular games on the iPhone and Android devices from ZeptoLab, is launching on Google’s Chrome Web Store today, ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin told Business Insider today.In Cut The Rope you have to cut ropes attached to a piece of candy and swing that candy to Omnom, a cute little monster, somewhere on the screen. It’s deceptively simple, as the puzzles can actually be pretty challenging

It’s insanely addicting in the same way Angry Birds is — using a dead-simple interface with a lot of crazy physics happening in the background.

Cut the rope has been downloaded more than 100 million times. While it’s most popular on the iPhone and Android, ZeptoLab has been trying to bring the game to as many platforms as possible — even if the audience is small — Lyalin said.

Cut The Rope is basically the poster child for games being developed on HTML5, a programming language for the web that is seen as the successor to Flash technology.

In the same way, the Chrome web browser is trying to collect a huge number of apps that will run within a web browser — in the hope that Google can build a fully functional web-based operating system out of it.

Given that games are the most popular apps on the iPhone and Android, it’s a logical starting point for building an operating system. Google Chrome already has Angry Birds, and now it’s getting Cut The Rope.

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