Step Inside Africa's First Underwater Hotel Room

Underwater hotel 2themantaresort.comPhotographer Jesper Anhede

Sleeping with the fishes just became a good thing.

Africa opened its first underwater hotel room this month, making it the second in the world.

The room, at the Manta Resort on the Zanzibari island of Pemba, was designed by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, who also built the first underwater hotel room in a lake in Sweden. The Manta Resort room sits 4 meters beneath the surface (that’s just over 13 feet, three feet deeper than the room in the Swedish lake).

The three-tiered suite includes a roof deck, a landing deck at sea level with a lounge and bathroom, and of course the underwater bedroom surrounded by windows that afford a nearly 360-degree view of a nearby coral reef and dozens of species of fish. Anchor wires tether the structure to the sea floor.

A stay in the underwater hotel room goes for $US900 a night as a single or $US1,500 a night as a couple.

Starting from the top, guests can sunbathe on the bed of the roof deck, or stargaze in an area with almost non-existent light pollution.

Underwater hotel 1themantaresort.comPhotographer Jesper Anhede

The three-tiered underwater room is anchored to the sea floor with two cables.

Underwater hotel 2themantaresort.comPhotographer Jesper Anhede

The room sits just over thirteen feet deep in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania.

Underwater hotelthemantaresort.comPhotographer Jesper Anhede

Here’s the view from inside the underwater bedroom.

Underwater hotelthemantaresort.comPhotographer Jesper Anhede

The windows are under-lit to offer a good view of the ocean at all times.

Underwater hotel 7The Manta Resort/FacebookPhotographer Jesper Anhede

At night, the lights really show off the fishy inhabitants.

Underwater hotel 5themantaresort.comPhotographer Jesper Anhede

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